Golden Presidential Club

Join our Family of Active Seniors Today!

September 2016 trip to Niagara Falls

The Golden Presidential Club offers discounted and convenient group travel for customers age 50 and over.

  • Membership is $10 per month. The fee is waived for customers who maintain a $1500 daily balance in checking or a total of $5,000 in deposits in all accounts.
  • Bi-monthly or Quarterly Golden Presidential Club Newsletter lists trips and events.
  • Click here to see current newsletter. 
  • 2017 Calendar of Events


  • Basic Checking Account with no monthly service charge.
  • Travel club pricing on a variety of trips throughout the year.
  • Members and their guests can enjoy events such as luncheons, day trips, weekend getaways, and extended vacations. 
  • All events and trips are coordinated by Commercial Bank Officers Nadean Meredith and Carolyn Valentine to ensure the highest quality and enjoyment.

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