What is BaZing?

About the BaZing [buh zing] Name: According to historians, BaZing originated when a checking customer blurted it out after saving over $100 on the purchase of a big screen TV due to his checking account (combining Bank and Savings). Other historians state it is a shortening of the term Big Awesome Savings, repeatedly chanted from bargain hunting checking customers. So as not to be burdened by constantly expressing this three word, polysyllabic chant and gaining more time to shop and save, BaZing was born. Either historical reference is convincing since BaZing is revolutionizing what benefits a checking account delivers. Just like BaZing explodes when you say it, it also explodes the myth that all checking accounts are alike. 

BaZing checking gives you mobile access to deals at national and local merchants; travel, dining, pharmacy, hearing and vision discounts; travel protection, an identity theft aid, and cash to replace a lost or damaged cell phone. The BaZing app lets you view coupons and use online deals , and comes with a savings calculator. For a small monthly fee you get everything you expect from a checking account, plus all the added value of BaZing. The highlights are listed below. See us for all the details.

BaZing Checking

  • Online Banking, E-statements, mobile banking, & Bill Pay
  • Cell phone protection (Up to $200 reimbursement for your damaged phone. Subject to terms and conditions provided.)
  • Identity theft aid (A personal representative to assist you if your identity is stolen. Reimbursement for certain expenses related to recovering your identity.)
  • Travel protection ($10,000 in accidental death insurance while traveling. )
  • Roadside Assist (Call the toll free number for towing, flat tire, lockout, etc and save. Details provided.)
  • Shopping, dining, travel discounts (Get the BaZing app for your smart phone.)
  • Grocery coupons (Or print coupons from your home computer.)
  • Pharmacy, vision, hearing, discounts (Print a card to present to participating pharmacies and healthcare providers for discounts.)
  • BaZing App for your smart phone.
  • $5 per month

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Click Here to see what BaZing members need to know about protecting their identity.

Interest-Bearing Checking

  • Online banking, E-statements, mobile banking
  • Earns tiered interest
  • $10 per month (Fee waived with $1,000 minimum daily balance.)

Basic Checking 

  • Online banking, E-statements, mobile banking
  • $3 per month (Fee waived when you sign up for E-statements or with a $1,000 minimum daily balance.)

Debit Cards

A faster, more convenient way to pay for things you need. Use your card wherever VISA is accepted. 

After business hours call 1-866-546-8273 to report a lost or stolen card.

Apple Pay

Store your Commercial Bank debit card to the ApplePay wallet on your iPhone. 

Purchase Alerts

More tools for tracking your account.

With Purchase Alerts powered by Visa, you can receive near real-time updates on your Visa® card activity. You can act quickly to help reduce fraud and monitor your account, wherever you are. Free for Commercial Bank Visa cardholders. 

Learn more and sign up HERE.

Overdraft Protection

Ask about:

  • ChekPlus
  • Automated Transfer
  • Courtesy Advance

Application, qualification and fees may apply or be required for overdraft protection services.

Golden Presidential Club

  • The Commercial Bank Golden Presidential Club offers discounted and convenient group travel for customers age 50 and over.
  • The fee is waived for customers who maintain a $1500 daily balance in checking or a total of $5,000 in deposits in all accounts.
  • Service charge waived for Basic Checking.
  • Bi-monthly Golden Presidential Club Newsletter listing trips and events.
  • Travel club pricing on a variety of trips throughout the year including day trips, weekend trips and extended vacations worldwide.
  • Social gatherings, lunches, dinners, and the GPC Picnic in May.
  • Membership is $10 per month.

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