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Cash Management/ACH

Want to direct deposit payroll or collect payments from customers?

You can use Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination to direct deposit payroll into your employees' accounts. Other uses might include debiting recurring monthly charges from your customer accounts, such as membership fees. There are many other uses including bill payment and transferring funds to and from accounts at other financial institutions. This extremely versatile and sophisticated banking service is amazingly customer friendly. You’ll love how easy it is to use, but it also comes with free technical support and training from us.

Remote Deposit Capture

Want to cut down on trips to the bank? Our branch is at your fingertips.

Reduce the time and expense of traveling to the bank and get your money into your account faster. Rent or lease a portable desktop scanner that allows you to deposit checks into your account electronically. The scanner connects to your internet-equipped computer and is easy to use. The portal is internet-based so there’s no software to install. We’ll set up your scanner at your business and train you during your first deposit. You’ll get an email receipt for each batch of checks deposited. Perfect for businesses that accept lots of checks or with limited staff to send to the bank to make deposits. Any issues are handled quickly through a toll free support number. 

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Positive Pay

Are you concerned about check fraud?

Positive Pay is an automated feature of online banking that protects against check fraud. We match checks presented to your account with a list of authorized checks that you provide. A non-match is rejected if not approved by you.

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