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A partnership with Commercial Bank goes beyond a column of numbers in a spreadsheet. It's much more than another deposit or withdrawal. We hear our customers' unique stories, watch them focus on their dreams, strive to meet their needs, and partner with them in their aspirations. We rejoice with them over life's memorable events and stand with them to fight life's pitfalls.

To be the best community bank and the best place to work in the markets we serve, we will provide:

Better Experiences

Our mission is to create positive experiences for every customer, every day. This means that we will not only make sure to understand your expectations, but we will take every measure to go beyond them. We will always smile, be approachable, and react quickly in the manner that is needed, appropriate, and right for the particular situation, anticipating your needs.

Better Solutions

Better solutions mean the assurance of a final product that meets your specific needs and customer service that goes beyond a friendly voice. It's online applications that put control back in your hands and confidence that comes with getting the right product when you expect it; and, it is a knowledgeable customer service representative that provides answers and unparalleled attention to detail.

Better Relationships

As your trusted financial partner, we provide you with the experience, knowledge, and dedication to support your goals in financial security and freedom. We have the confidence that comes with being in the banking industry for over 40 years and sharing experiences with so many who have been where you are now. 

Better Technology

Managing your finances can be difficult without the right people, solutions, and tools. At Commercial Bank, we leverage technologies to create advantages for you, allowing you the ability to conduct your bank business from the comfort and security of your own home. Additionally, not only do we take stringent measures to ensure your information is secure, we keep you informed with the sophisticated techniques used by online predators and necessary measures to be taken in order to protect yourself.



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