Our New Logo

We are excited about having a new look as part of Commercial Bank's 40th birthday celebration! Our new blue logo with three overlapping triangles made it's debut in February of 2016.

The logo has been incorporated into our branch signage, website, documents, social media, advertising, community sponsorships, and everywhere you are accustomed to seeing the previous green logo. 

We hope you were notified of the change through announcements on our own social media sites and in local media through ads and press releases in all of our markets. 

This new brand reflects our traditional logo by retaining the three overlapping triangles in a sleek new design. We chose a new color, blue, to project the strength and stability of our company and continued prosperity for the future.

Commercial Bank still has the same ownership and management. Nothing has changed in terms of leadership. We will continue to focus on service to our customers and our communities.

Thank you to all our customers for your continued support over the years!

The logo change does not effect any customer banking processes. As we change out the image through our operations, your debit cards, checks, etc. will continue to be valid with either logo. If you have any questions please contact Customer Support at 423-869-5151.