About Us

Who We Are

Commercial Bank is your neighborhood bank; and, we are a leading financial institution with the services, capabilities, and resources of regional and national banks.

What makes us different? We understand that every customer has unique opportunities, challenges, and financial concerns. We don't expect you to fit in the same box as the next person or business. We value you, uniquely and individually.

Commercial Bank is agile and unconstrained by corporate rules and processes allowing us to deliver products and services to meet your personal needs as individuals and for businesses.

Your financial stewardship is the key to having the life you want. We understand that, regardless of your circumstances, you dream for a better life for you and your children. You envision a life filled with financial security and freedom from the worry and hardships you have faced over the years.

As your trusted financial partner, we provide you with the experience, knowledge, and dedication to support your goals in financial security and freedom. We have the confidence that comes with being in the banking industry for over 40 years and sharing experiences with so many who have been where you are now.

Whether it's purchasing a home, saving for your child's future, or planning your next vacation, we are with you every step of the way to navigate life's big decisions.  Life. Made Better.

What We Do

At Commercial Bank, we see you. We don't see you as a column of numbers in a spreadsheet. You're much more to us than another deposit or withdrawal. We see you, for you. You are the community we serve. You are our teachers, our nurses, business owners, baseball coaches, dance instructors, moms, dads, sisters, and brothers.

We hear your unique stories, watch you focus on your dreams, strive to meet your needs, and partner in your aspirations. We rejoice with you over life's memorable events and stand with you to fight life's pitfalls.

Community banking is about location and so much more. It's about family, We reside in your community, we are a part of your community.

Our commitment to serve our neighbors extends beyond the walls of our branches. It is displayed each day in the opportunities we provide, the money we give back, and the time we commit- all to help improve the lives of the people, families, and businesses that make this area great.

Board of Directors

  • Craig E. Robertson, Chairman of the Board
  • Gary Burchett
  • Jerry Carey
  • Vaughn Graves
  • Terry L. Lee
  • S.A. Mars III
  • Alan C. Neely
  • Dorothy Neely
  • Adam Robertson
  • Mike Robertson
  • James J. Shoffner
  • Martha Spurlock
  • Julian West
  • B.J. Fortner (Emeritus)
  • Edward M. Duncan (Emeritus)

Leadership Team 

  • Terry L. Lee, Chief Executive Officer
  • Adam Robertson, President
  • Alan Gilbert, Executive Vice President, Senior Lending Officer, Mortgage & Consumer
  • John D. Howard, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Michelle Huddleston, Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer and Compliance Officer
  • Bernard Kwas, Executive Vice President, Western Region Executive Officer
  • Dean LaRue, Executive Vice President, Southern Region Executive Officer
  • Charles E. Lewis, Executive Vice President, Non-Traditional Banking
  • Phil Metheny, Executive Vice President, Chief Auditor
  • Billy Mayes, Executive Vice President, Human Resources
  • Kenneth N. Raff II, Executive Vice President, Eastern Region Executive Officer
  • Steve Rhodes, Executive Vice President, Northern Region Executive Officer
  • Rick Sprinkle, Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer
  • Maria Haun, Chief Marketing Officer


  • Justin Payne, Senior Vice President
  • Richard Camp, Senior Vice President
  • Melissa Sage, Senior Vice President

Vice President

  • Denise Abner
  • Mitch Burke
  • Corey Chesnut
  • Kelly Chumley
  • Sandy Cates
  • Janet Clark
  • John N. Fugate II
  • Betty Halsey
  • Eddie Jones
  • Nadean Meredith
  • Steve Mouser
  • Shelia Price
  • Jason Ramsey
  • Ryan Reece
  • Brenda Sweet
  • Tim Throckmorton
  • Carolyn Valentine
  • Andrew Wade

Assistant Vice President

  • Janice Barnes
  • Joanie Bingham
  • Bill Bowling
  • Donnie Bryant
  • Kathy Campbell
  • Tanya Cooke
  • Jill Earl
  • Mark Hickey
  • Jim Hill
  • Linda Hurst
  • Freda Jessee
  • Susan Jones
  • Judy Messer
  • Teresa Saylor
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Woody Smith
  • Melissa Stormer
  • Christine Sweet

Assistant Cashier

  • April Bailey
  • April Parker
  • Matthew Robertson
  • Liz Grubb
  • Deborah Hayes


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